Company FAQs

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Application forms for various SMA services can be downloaded from the Licensing section of this website or collected from the SMA office.

Applicants may identify the available frequencies for a particular service by referring to the Table of Frequency Allocation and corresponding Allocation Chart (obtainable from the SMA) or consulting with a member of the SMA Engineering staff.

  • Submitting a completed application form for the Licence.
  • Undergoing security clearance/checks by the SMA.
  • Evaluation of frequency to be assigned.
  • Recommendation for the grant of the Licence.
  • Approval of the License by the SMA or Ministry of Information & Telecommunications.
  • Issuing of the Licence if all stipulated conditions have been satisfied (including payment of licence fees).


If clarification is needed regarding any aspect of an application, the applicant will be contacted in respect of resolving same with the SMA.

There are 3 types of fees:

  • Processing fees are payable in advance.
  • Spectrum Licence fee
  • Regulatory fee
  • Custom duties for import clearance.
  • Carry-on radio frequency equipment attracts a Detention Notice for which SMA is required to give approval for entering into Jamaica.
    Once this approval has been obtained, the client proceeds to pay applicable duty (if any).
  • If the radio equipment is unaccompanied or of high cost insurance and freight (CIF) value, a C87 customs entry is to be completed and submitted to the SMA for the appropriate approval.

Following approval, the client returns to custom to pay any applicable duty.

Application forms are self-explanatory & may be obtained from the SMA.

This will be determined by analysing equipment documentation presented and is subject to provisions of exemption under the Radio and Telegraph Control Act

Under the new World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement, foreigners may obtain a licence without restriction. However, the applicant may wish to explore the benefits of a Joint-Venture/Partnership with local interest.

Companies Only.

  • Articles of Association
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Company’s Certificate of Registration
  • Business Proposal
    • Company profile
    • Employment profile
    • Financial statement

All applicants (including Companies)

  • Technical Proposal
    • System overview
    • Configuration of system
    • Interference studies and mitigation processes
    • Propagation studies
  • System Information
    • Network data
    • Equipment type and model
    • Equipment specification
    • Area of spectrum interest
    • Amount of spectrum required
    • Maximum system data rate
  • Applicants Bio Data (to facilitate security clearance)
  • Nature of Service
  • Type of service deployment – Regional or Island-wide.
  • Proposed build-out of network
  • Completed Application Form

The SMA may make suggestions in this regard as it does not maintain or have access to a database with Telecom sites.

Information may be provided on users in a band. Frequency for some assignments may be classified.