The Spectrum Management Authority operates within the ambit of the Telecommunications Act, 2000. In fulfilling its mandate to ensure the efficient management of the radio frequency spectrum, the Authority issues Licences, Authorisations and Certifications.

The installation or use of a radio service without a valid licence is an offence under the Telecommunications Act 2000 and the Radio and Telegraph Control Act 1973. Exceptions to this are specifically noted.

Licensing Regime

All users of the radio frequency spectrum, unless otherwise stated are required to have a spectrum licence according to the Telecommunications Act 2000. The licensing regime adopted by the Authority recognises three types of Licences:

  1. Spectrum Licence
  2. Class/General Licence
  3. Blanket Licence/Authorisation


The following are subject to licence exemptions:

  1. Low powered devices operating in specified spectrum bands.
  2. Embassies and international organisations under the Vienna Convention.

The Process

Submission of completed customer and technical information forms is the standard requirement when applying for licences, authorisation and/or certification except for domestic mobile licence.

The process and requirements vary according to categories of licence, certification or authorisation.

  1. Persons applying for licences on behalf of companies are required to submit a completed copy of the SMA application vetting/address verification form. In addition to the customer and technical information forms. Particular company documents and the relevant processing fees are also required.
  2. Individual applicants are to submit all relevant application forms including the SMA application vetting/address verification form, schedule to application, evidence of the qualification (where necessary) and required processing fees.

The application process varies depending on the type of application. The process takes fifteen (15) to thirty (30) working days commencing from submission of a duly completed application and acceptance by the Authority to the grant of a license upon payment of the relevant fees.