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Domestic Mobile

Application Category: 
License Application Category: 
Validity Period: 
15 Years
Processing Fee: 
Spectrum Fee: 
Fees are determined by auction
Regulatory Fee: 
Fee is calculated based on value of spectrum acquired up to April 2005. Subsequently, regulatory fees are charged at a rate of 70% of spectrum licence fee.

All applicants for a Domestic Mobile Spectrum Licence are required to provide the information requested herein. Please respond to each item of request and where not applicable, this should be clearly stated. An authorised officer of the Company must certify (sign and affix the company’s seal) the accuracy and veracity of the information provided.

  1. Company data

    • Copy of relevant documents of incorporation, viz:

      • For incorporation which took effect prior to February 2004:

        • Certificate of Incorporation
        • Memorandum of Association
        • Articles of Association
      • For incorporation which took effect subsequent to February 2004:

        • Certification of Incorporation
        • Articles of Incorporation
    • Other particulars of applicant, including -

      1. address of company’s registered office,
      2. name of principal applicant (must be a Director of the Company) and contact details including telephone & fax numbers as well as e-mail address,
      3. name of company’s technical officer and contact details including telephone and fax numbers as well as e-mail address;
    • A detailed list of the shareholders inclusive of the absolute and percentage value of shareholdings and organisational chart showing the relationship between the shareholders and any affiliate company, that is, any company for which the principal shareholders of the applicant are majority shareholders.
    • A detailed list of all current and former directors of the company, including dates of appointment/resignation and positions held.
    • Certificate of Good Standing from the Companies Office of Jamaica
    • Completed Declaration of Applicant form
    • An application processing fee
    • On notification by the Minister of an intent to grant a licence, the applicant will be required to:
      • Make payment amounting to fifty percent (50%) of the spectrum licence fee and associated regulatory fee and
      • Submit a Banker’s Guarantee for the payment of the remaining amount.
  2. Legal and regulatory

    • Copies of the relevant applications or licences issued pursuant to the Telecommunications Act, 2000 pertaining to the provision of mobile services in Jamaica that is, Domestic Carrier and Domestic Service Provider Licence.
    • List of all telecommunications licences, permits or authorisations issued to the company or its associated companies stating clearly the relevant jurisdiction for each and the validity period of the licence or authorisation.
    • Details of all suits, actions or administrative proceedings past or present to which the company and any of its directors or its associated companies have been implicated.
    • Details of any investigations or inquiries, past or present, whether governmental or otherwise, launched against the company and any of its directors or its associated companies
    • Details of any refusal of a spectrum licence or licence renewal or suspension or revocation of any licence held by the company or any of its affiliates.
  3. Technical data

    • The amount of spectrum required and in what frequency band(s)
    • Proposed technology to be used (GSM, TDMA, CDMA, other)
    • A network diagram showing proposed points of presence (sites)
    • Frequency Channel Plan, including reuse proposal
    • Indication of how the points of presence will be connected, whether by wireless or other communication media

      • If wireless, state clearly the frequency being applied for if not yet licensed to use the spectrum
      • If fibre or other leased facility, including wireless, state clearly the capacity and evidence of availability of this capacity from a licensed provider (such as a letter of intent)
    • Technical specifications of the proposed network equipment to be used to roll out the service
    • Quality of service commitments (grade of service and data error rates). State the plan to achieve these
    • Evidence of technical competence (qualification and relevant experience) of main technical officers of the company to successfully establish, operate and maintain the proposed mobile network.
    • Provide evidence of any commitment or intent for site sharing, tower sharing or co-location
  4. Business and financial data

    A Business Plan, including but not limited to the following information:

    • The proposed business strategies in order to garner market share
    • The projected subscriber base for each service for years one, two and three
    • The proposed roll out plan detailing the percentage population coverage after years 1,2&3 (the information provided will be a condition of the licence to be granted)
    • Sufficient data and information to support the projections made above
    • the anticipated capital expenditure and the proposal for financing the project
    • The start-up period, that is, the period from the granting of the spectrum licence to the commencement of service(s)

    Applicant must:

    • Provide a copy of the last two annual independently audited financial statements as well as the most recent unaudited financial statements (an officer of the company must attest to the validity of the unaudited reports). If none is available, the applicant must submit information stating the reason for its unavailability. Where the applicant is a consortium, all members must provide individual financials.
    • Submit information on estimated costs of construction, operation and other expenses that the applicant may realistically incur in Year 1 and Year 2 under the proposed licence.
    • Demonstrate that it has the financial resources to construct and operate the network for the first two years of operation under this licence and must provide information or verification of its creditworthiness, available capital, and source of financing including, if applicable, a lender’s statement of commitment to providing a specified sum
    • Provide information on whether the applicant, any of its Directors or any of its affiliates has ever been bankrupt or been associated with a company that has become bankrupt or insolvent
    • Provide detailed information indicating whether the applicant or any affiliates of the applicant is currently engaged in bankruptcy proceedings
    • Indicate whether the company or any of its affiliates currently holds a licence or authorisation to operate a mobile telecommunications network in other countries (details should include list of countries as well as the number of years the applicant has engaged in operating mobile telecommunications network(s)
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