The operations of the Authority are divided along functional lines into five (5) Divisions:

Spectrum Engineering Division comprises of the following departments:

  • Band Planning – Activities within this department are centered on the efficient assignment and monitoring of the spectrum.  These include a proactive allocation process which seeks to prevent, rather than resolve interferences.
  • Monitoring & Inspection – The work of this department includes the resolution of interference problems reported by clients, the provision of technical support in the identification and investigation of the illegal use of the spectrum, and the operation and management of the SMA’s remote and mobile monitoring facilities.  Additionally, type approvals for radio equipment being imported into the island are handled by this department.
  • Operating Systems and Special Projects – The role of this department is to increase the operational efficiencies of the SMA by recommending and implementing appropriate systems/tools to be utilized by the organization, and to provide oversight of existing systems to ensure that they are properly utilized and upgraded in order to obtain maximum value in enhancing the functional efficiency and effectiveness of all departments.

Legal Affairs Division is responsible for the legal and regulatory portfolio of the SMA.  This includes assessing the operations of the SMA and ensuring that all activities are within the framework of the existing legislation.  The work of the legal division forms a crucial part of the licensing process and interactions with our many clients, existing and proposed, in keeping with the Telecommunications Act and the Access to Information Act.

Policy and Strategic Planning Division formulates policies and strategic plans in order to facilitate the most efficient allocation of the spectrum while providing the Government of Jamaica with a reasonable income from such assignments. This Division coordinates the policies between the SMA, the Ministry, the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), the Broadcasting Commission and other related local, regional and international bodies.  This Division is also responsible for the development of the Corporate Strategic and Operational Plans for the Authority and monitoring and reporting on the performance of the Authority.

Finance & Administration Division is responsible for providing the SMA with all the financial and administrative support required to process new applications and renew licences; and invoice and collect fees from licensees.  The Division manages all financial transactions and prepares all financial statements and reports.  The Director oversees the preparation of the budget for the Authority and ensures that the SMA adheres to its statutory financial and fiduciary responsibilities.  The Licensing Secretariat, the hub of licensing activities, falls within the Administration department.

Human Resources Division is responsible for the human resources portfolio of the SMA.  This involves performance management, training, employee benefits and all matters related to staff welfare and development.  The Division also oversees public relations and communication.