The radio frequency (RF) spectrum is a valuable natural resource which facilitates the use of wireless technology for the development of the ICT sector and is an enabler of businesses in other sectors of the economy.

The radio spectrum is a subset of the electromagnetic waves lying between the frequencies from 9 kilohertz (kHz – thousands of cycles per second) to 30 gigahertz (GHz – billions of cycles per second). These support a wide range of business, personal, industrial, scientific, medical research and cultural activities, both public and private. Communications are foremost among those activities and, together with other radio services, are increasingly important to economic and social development.

Management of spectrum is the combination of administrative and technical procedures with legal procedures necessary to ensure efficient operation of radio communication services without causing harmful interference. Efficient and effective spectrum management, therefore, is critical to spectrum allocation in a co-ordinated manner for the benefit of users at large without compromising national interests.