The Spectrum Management Authority (“SMA” or “the Authority”) is an agency of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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The radio frequency (RF) spectrum is a valuable natural resource which facilitates the use of wireless technology …

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All users of the radio frequency spectrum, unless otherwise stated are required to have a spectrum license …

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The Spectrum Management Authority (SMA) wishes to thank our current and future clients for their patience as we undertook to review the amateur radio license examination process in order to align the exam with the changes consequent upon the amendments to the Radio and Telegraph Control (Amateur Radio Service) Regulations and the Radio and Telegraph Control (Radio Operations and Technicians) Regulations of 1974 in 2017. The amendments have removed the requirement for Amateur Operators and Radio Operators and Technicians to be proficient in the use of Morse Code in order to be licensed.

In light of the foregoing, the SMA is pleased to announce that the Jamaica Amateur Radio Associations (JARA) is now the authorized body to administer the registration process and will administer the required examination leading to the grant of an Amateur Radio Operator’s Certificate, Class A, B or C.

Eligibility for Amateur Radio Operator’s Certificate


Each applicant is required to make an application to JARA to sit the examination. The following will be required:


a) The application form duly completed;
b) Examination fee of $500.00; and
c) Certified copy of documents in support of the application.


Amateur Radio Operator’s Certificate

Feel free to contact us at or 948-7800/922-8884 if you have any questions.