A Board of Directors, the Chairman of which reports to the Minister with Portfolio responsibility for telecommunications, direct, guide and oversee the conduct of the Authority’s business. The Managing Director, who has responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the Authority, reports to the Board of Directors.

The current Board of Directors was appointed effective APRIL 8, 2019 TO NOVEMBER 11, 2020. The Members are as follows:

Mr. Edward Gabbidon (CHAIRMAN)
Mr. Delroy Thompson (VICE CHAIRMAN)
Mr. Vaughn McDonald
Dr. Marcia Forbes, CD,PhD
Mr. Dalton Yap
Mr. Claude Petgrave
Mr. Marlon Morgan
Mrs. Kaydian Smith-Newton
Mr. Robert Richards
Mrs. Marsha Haughton
Ms. Rochelle Cameron
Mrs. Camille Facey
Dr. Maria Myers-Hamilton, EdD. (Managing Director)

There are Sub-Committees which provide guidance and support to the operations of the Authority.