In order to efficiently manage the spectrum and to accommodate its various users, the SMA has been mandated to establish a fully modernized organization with all the resources required to guarantee effective service to its clients.  The core operating functions of the Authority are:

Band Planning and Frequency Allocation

In order to comply with the mandate of the Authority, very detailed Radio Frequency (RF) engineering work has to be done to ensure a relatively interference free spectrum and that spectrum is available for inter alia new technologies.

Monitoring of the Spectrum and Inspection of Facilities

This involves the detection of signals and can be done via fixed or mobile monitoring.  The activity is very important in detecting illegal users, the allocation and assignment of new frequencies and interference resolution.

Interference Management

Once a case of interference has been reported, the Authority will seek to identify the source and impose the appropriate remedial action to achieve compliance in a timely manner.


This is in keeping with the SMA's objective of “preserving the spectrum rights of all existing legitimate users” of the spectrum.  The SMA has enforcement powers to include, inter alia, the imposition of fixed penalties and the issuance of orders.

Licensing Management

All operators who wish to use the radio frequency spectrum must either be authorized by, or obtain a licence from the SMA to use the spectrum.  The SMA has a transparent, objective and efficient licensing process that is responsive to customer needs and facilitates the following uses:

  • Mobile
  • Private Radio Station, including emergency and security  services
  • Amateur radio
  • Alien Amateur
  • VSATs
  • Satellite Earth Stations
  • Maritime Mobile
  • Aeronautical
  • Citizens Band
  • Community or Low Power Radio Stations

The SMA also provides the following certifications and authorizations.

  • Certificate of Competence in Radio Telephony
  • Radio Technician Certificate
  • Type Approval Certificate for imported radio equipment
  • Spectrum authorizations for Islandwide Broadcasters