Regulatory fees are calculated on an annual basis in order to cover the reasonable operating costs incurred by the Authority in relation to spectrum licences.

Regulatory fees are charged to existing licensees as follows:

Group 1 – These are holders of spectrum licences only, and would include Private Radio Stations. These individuals/companies will pay 35 per cent of spectrum licence fees as at March 31 2003.

Group 2 relates to holder of Carrier and/or Service Provider licences, and is further broken down into two categories.

Level 1 – All cellular companies – a proportion of $44.0M as determined by formula set out in Gazette.

Level 11 – All VSAT users will pay 70 per cent of spectrum licence fees as at 2007 March 31.

Exemptions – The following spectrum users are exempt from paying annual Regulatory fees:

  • Jamaica Constabulary Force
  • Jamaica Defense Force
  • Jamaica Fire Brigade
  • Red Cross
  • All Accredited Tertiary institutions
  • All Amateur Radio Operators
  • All Citizens Band Radio Operators

Regulatory fees for new licensees are to charged on a pro-rata basis for the year.

With the exception of cellular companies, existing licensees who require new spectrum during the year are required to pay Regulatory fees in relation to the additional spectrum on a pro-rata basis.