Processing fees are to be charged in relation to each spectrum application as follows:

Private Radio Station
1 relay $ 2,500.00
2-5 relays $ 5,500.00
6-9 relays $ 6,500.00
10-19 relays $11,500.00
20 and over relays $22,500.00
VSAT/ Earth Station $25,000.00
Alien Permits US$20.00


Processing fees are also charged for each non-spectrum application as follows:

Type Approval Certification US$350.00
Ship Station Survey & Certification US$200.00/hr
Ship Station Inspection $4,000.00
Customs Clearance Authorization  
Detention Notice $2,000.00
Entry C-87 $4,000.00
Domestic Mobile Spectrum Licence $70,000.00

Processing fees are non-refundable.

Processing fees are not applicable for renewals unless an amendment has been made to the service, in which case, it is treated as a new application.

Replacement/Amendment of Licences – $2,000.00


Applicants for the use of spectrum will not be exempt from processing fees with the following exceptions:

– Embassies under the Vienna protocol,

– Any public service entity which the Authority or Minister may in its/his discretion exempt from such fees on a case by case basis.